Ben Brooker in book shop


Methods of Dance (Saltbush Review Issue 2, 2022)

Tattoos (Newcastle Short Story Award Anthology, 2021)

A-Day (‘Thrill Me’, Glimmer Press, 2020)

Scenes from an Unmade Documentary (Verity La, 3 September 2019)

All Flesh (Verity La, 14 August 2018, and ‘Embody’, Verity La, 2020)

The Algorithm (Spineless Wonders, 2015)

Awake (‘The World to Come’, Spineless Wonders, 2014)

All My Regrets Are Called Julie (‘Pendulum’, Wishbone Press, 2008)

The Call (‘Alone, Together’, Wirra Wirra Vineyards Short Story Awards, Seaview Press, 2007)

The Man Who Sold Sunshine (‘Word’ Adelaide Fringe Anthology, Salmat, 2007)

The Tree (Katherine Susannah Pritchard Science Fiction/Fantasy Awards High Commendation, 2005)


On Soupgate and the limits of spectacle-based activism (Overland, 19 October 2022)

Trees of life (with Jennifer Mills, The Saturday Paper, 1-7 October 2022)

Against Hope (Meanjin, Spring 2022)

Psyched in: psychedelics in the spotlight as trials begin (The Bulletin, Penington Institute, February 2022)

Monsters under the bed: drugs, stigma and the AFP (Overland, 15 November 2021)

It’s Time to End the War on Drugs (Kill Your Darlings, 28 October 2021)

Godot Goes to Glasgow: Australia’s absurdist climate plan (Overland, 28 October 2021)

Policing a health crisis: protest after the pandemic (Overland, 16 September 2021)

Protest like the world is ending (because it is) (CityMag, 16 March 2021)

Pizza, power and privilege: South Australia’s second lockdown (Overland, 23 November 2020)

The death cult of Tony Abbott (Overland, 14 September 2020)

Security theatre in an age of anxiety (Overland, 17 August 2020)

Wanting to believe in drunken elephants (Overland, 21 April 2020)

Pandemic’s new, eerie world (Witness Performance, 7 April 2020)

Looking towards a future (Witness Performance, 11 February 2020)

The politics of puffer jackets (Kill Your Darlings, 14 October 2019)

Going unquietly: Extinction Rebellion and a spring of protest (Overland, 9 October 2019)

If you liked that, you’ll love this (Adhocracy/Let Me Tell You, 23 September 2019)

Where’s the money in the SA Arts Plan? (ArtsHub, 13 September 2019)

Rebuilding the ANZAC cathedral: more ludicrous spending for national validation (Overland, 23 April 2019)

Congealed naturalism: how the dominant mode is smothering innovative theatre (ArtsHub, 27 February 2019)

The 14 rules For Eternal Fascism: Jordan Peterson and the far right (Overland, 14 February 2019)

Skin deep: in the tattooist’s chair with Ben Brooker (CityMag, 5 February 2019)

From lusty blows to pulled punches: on arts criticism in Adelaide (ArtsHub, 20 December 2018)

The critic, embedded (CityMag, 3 December 2018)

All at sea: the cannibalisation of the Australian arts industry (ArtsHub, 13 November 2018)

Bleeding in the dark (Witness Performance, 4 October 2018)

Climate change was so last year: writers’ festivals and the great derangement (Overland online, 3 September 2018)

Performance in a progression-regression helix, Adelaide 2011-17 (RealTime, 22 August 2018)

OzAsia Festival 2018: Beyond borders (Realtime, 18 July 2018)

Mean mad white men: the allure of Jordan Peterson (Overland online, 17 July 2018)

Disgusting entities: on the moralising meat-eaters (Overland online, 6 June 2018)

100 years of Anzac: ludicrous spending for nationalist validation (Overland online, 24 April 2018)

‘I’m afraid there might be something coming’ (Overland, issue 230, Autumn 2018)

Everybody’s heading for the exit (Overland online, 30 November 2017)

Australian Theatre Forum 2017: Tough times, cautious hopes (RealTime, 1 November 2017)

The billionaire class won’t save us (Overland online, 19 July 2017)

On politicising tragedy (Overland online, 21 June 2017)

Performance nurturers 2: Vitalstatistix (RealTime, 13 June 2017)

Performance nurturers 1: inSPACE (RealTime, 31 May 2017)

The hypocrisy of meat eaters: on MONA and animal cruelty (Overland online, 26 April 2017)

Saving beautiful babies (Overland online, 13 April 2017)

The golden age (Sydney Review of Books, 4 April 2017)

Time for a reckoning (RealTime, February/March 2017)

WOMADelaide 2017: Saving the musical mind (RealTime, February/March 2017)

Presence and strength (RealTime, February/March 2017)

Meating diversity: a progressive charade (Overland online, 23 January 2017)

The life in them words (Sydney Review of Books, 25 November 2016)

In praise of audio books (The Lifted Brow online, 20 October 2016)

James Waites: a man of the theatre (Sydney Review of Books, 14 October 2016)

A chop to multiculturalism (Overland online, 14 September 2016)

How animal are humans? (RealTime, August/September 2016)

Adelaide College of the Arts: Acting, privilege and legacy (RealTime, August/September 2016)

OzAsia Festival: Exorcising America (RealTime, August/September 2016)

Cultural diversity’s new dramaturgy (RealTime, August/September 2016)

Bill Leak: the bigger picture (Overland online, 9 August 2016)

Precarious lives and public grief (Overland online, 18 July 2016)

Playwriting: celebrating the art against the odds (RealTime, June/July2016)

Fraught organic/digital business (RealTime, June/July 2016)

Black America out of sight, out of mind (Overland online, 20 June 2016)

You can have submarines instead (Overland online, 13 May 2016)

Game on: making the virtual physical (RealTime, April/May 2016)

Pants on fire! (Overland online, 26 April 2016)

Production lines of flesh and bone (Overland, issue 222, Autumn 2016)

No pastoral refuge (RealTime, February/March 2016)

Everything depends on dramaturgy (RealTime, December 2015/January 2016)

Fragility, resilience, work & home (RealTime December 2015/January 2016/Tanzconnexions Asia-Pacific)

Rewatching Children of Men (Overland online, 7 December 2015)

On being slow to speak (Overland online, 16 November 2015)

Putting Africa into Othello (RealTime, October/November 2015)

Creativity, generosity & taking the pledge (RealTime, October/November 2015)

East, West, chance, dance & causality (RealTime, August/September 2015)

Creating togetherness, making democracy (RealTime, August/September 2015)

Belief as a Prison (Overland online, 22 July 2015)

Performance art in the experience economy era (RealTime, June/July 2015)

Remembering the Armenian genocide (Overland online, 24 April 2015)

Bittersweet symphony: on Adam Curtis’ latest documentary (Overland online, 2 March 2015)

The Melbourne Cup is not the problem (Overland online, 13 November 2014)

Self versus Orwell (Overland online, 24 September 2014)

Big science, intimate exchanges, deep humour (RealTime online, 17 September 2014)

Lest we forget that history repeats (Overland online, 4 September 2014)

On the road & closer to home (RealTime online, 30 July 2014)

Watching the bombs (Overland online, 29 July 2014)

Opening dialogue, evolving spaces (RealTime online, 2 July 2014)

The moral imagination and the public sphere (Overland online, 30 May 2014)

The casual racism of carnivores (New Internationalist Australia blog, 26 May 2014)

Bad writing and criticism: a response to Alison Croggon (Overland online, 16 May 2014)

Repower Port Augusta update (New Internationalist Australia blog, 29 January 2014)

Shadow boxing with illusions (RealTime, August/September 2013)

The risks of climate change denial (New Internationalist Australia blog, 29 May 2013)

Climate of fear and a nuclear winter (New Internationalist Australia blog, 17 April 2013)

Womadelaide: art, action & erasure (RealTime, February/March 2013)

Live export and factory farming (New Internationalist Australia blog, 6 December 2012)

US Military Eyes Australia (New Matilda, 11 October 2012)

Rally for Solar (New Internationalist Australia blog, 6 October 2012)

Police: A Weapon for Every Occasion (New Matilda, 25 July 2012)


Hello Dankness (The Saturday Paper, 29 October-4 November 2022)

Chalkface (Australian Book Review, 11 August 2022)

Evaluating the Pollan effect (Overland, 4 August 2022)

Archie 100 and Moving Portraits (The Saturday Paper, 23-29 July 2022)

Girls & Boys (Australian Book Review, 3 March 2022)

Adelaide Festival 2022 (Plays International & Europe, March 2022)

Truth to Power Cafe (The Saturday Paper, 25 September-1 October 2021)

Glengarry Glen Ross (Plays International & Europe, September 2021)

Hibernation (Australian Book Review, 19 August 2021)

The Art of Light: Illuminate Festival (The Saturday Paper, 24-20 July 2021)

The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race (The Saturday Paper, 12-18 June 2021)

The Gospel According to Paul (Witness Performance, 22 April 2021)

The world according to Adam Curtis (Overland, 25 March 2021)

Adelaide Fringe Festival 2021 (Plays International & Europe, Spring 2021)

Medea (Australian Book Review, 9 March 2021)

The Boy Who Talked to Dogs (Australian Book Review, 1 March 2021)

A German Life (Australian Book Review, 1 March 2021)

The world according to Adam Curtis (Overland, 25 March 2021)

An exercise in sustained dread (Witness Performance, 16 December 2020)

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (Australian Book Review, 16 November 2020)

Deadly return of live theatre (Witness Performance, 11 September 2020)

Adelaide Festival 2020 (Plays International & Europe, Spring 2020)

Experiments in form (Witness Performance, 11 June 2020)

The Plot Against America (Australian Book Review, 29 April 2020)

Breaking the Waves (Witness Performance, 23 March 2020)

Aleppo (Witness Performance, 19 March 2020)

Light and The Dark Master (Australian Book Review, 6 November 2019)

North/South: A warning through time (Witness Performance, 17 September 2019)

The fatal flaws of masculinity: A View from the Bridge (Witness Performance, 22 July 2019)

Subversive voices: Adelaide Cabaret Festival (Witness Performance, 25 June 2019)

Hydra (Australian Book Review, 3 May 2019)

Adelaide Festival: Grand Finale (Witness Performance, 20 March 2019)

Adelaide Festival: Ulster American (Witness Performance, 18 March 2019)

Picaresque (Adelaide Festival) (Australian Book Review, 14 March 2019)

A Man of Good Hope (Isango Ensemble/Young Vic) (Australian Book Review, 8 March 2019)

Climate Century: countering apocalypse (RealTime, 5 December 2018)

OzAsia 2018 performance: More than cultural diplomacy (RealTime, 5 December 2018)

Dance as shamanic delirium (Witness Performance, 25 October 2018)

Welcome the Bright World (Witness Performance, 27 September 2018)

That Eye, the Sky (Australian Book Review, 31 August 2018)

A Doll’s House, Part 2 (Australian Book Review, 20 August 2018)

Creditors (Australian Book Review, 26 July 2018)

Brothers Wreck (Australian Book Review, 2 July 2018)

Gloria (Australian Book Review, 22 June 2018)

Sense and Sensibility (Australian Book Review, 11 May 2018)

After Dinner (Australian Book Review, 13 April 2018)

Human Requiem (Daily Review, 15 March 2018)

Kings of War (Australian Book Review, 13 March 2018)

Us/Them (Daily Review, 10 March 2018)

The Great War (Daily Review, 9 March 2018)

Adelaide Festival Reviews: In the Club, Far Side of the Moon and Hamlet (Daily Review, 5 March 2018)

Thyestes (Australian Book Review, 5 March 2018)

Vale (Daily Review, 22 November 2017)

Hotel (ArtsEquator, 11 November 2017)

Angelique’s mirror-world choices (RealTime, 31 October 2017)

OzAsia Festival: The cultural deep-end (RealTime, 17 October 2017)

OzAsia Festival: Worlds reconfigured (RealTime, 11 October 2017)

Macbeth (Australian Book Review, 31 August 2017)

Sono-musical languages (with Tristan Louth-Robins) (RealTime, 23 August 2017)

Gabrielle Nankivell: convergent states (RealTime, 2 August 2017)

The Sound of Falling Stars (Australian Book Review, 22 June 2017)

1984 (Australian Book Review, 18 May 2017)

Mr Burns: The Simpsons will save us (RealTime, April/May 2017)

Technique, plus and minus (RealTime, February/March 2017)

Life at the Limits (RealTime, February/March 2017)

No Man’s Land (Australian Book Review, 19 December 2016)

Tartuffe (Australian Book Review, 11 November 2016)

Everyday crisis-resilience (RealTime, October/November 2016)

Rumpelstiltskin (Daily Review, 15 October 2016)

Queerings of form and perception (RealTime, October/November 2016)

A living document of diversity (RealTime, October/November 2016)

Things I Know to Be True (Australian Book Review, 19 May 2016)

Cloudstreet (Daily Review, 15 May 2016)

Gorgon (Daily Review, 4 May 2016)

Exiled from our being (RealTime, February/March 2016)

A sad bunch of lonely kings (RealTime, February/March 2016)

Between evasion and overload (RealTime, February/March 2016)

Dances of protest (RealTime, February/March 2016)

A rigorous engagement with Asia (RealTime, December 2015/January 2016)

New connections, strange directions (RealTime, December 2015/January 2016)

Popular Mechanicals (Daily Review, 11 November 2015)

Desdemona (Australian Book Review, 27 October 2015)

Mortido (Daily Review, 21 October 2015)

The Aspirations of Daise Morrow (Australian Book Review, 16 October 2015)

Robbie Williams Let Me Entertain You Tour (Daily Review, 14 October 2015)

Faust and Verdi’s Requiem (Australian Book Review, 14 September 2015)

Volpone (Daily Review, 26 August 2015)

Betrayal (Daily Review, 29 July 2015)

Crazy Horse exposé (Realtime, June/July 2015)

Black Diggers/Rotunda (Australian Book Review, June/July 2015)

The Rivers of China (Australian Book Review, 3 June 2015)

This is Where We Live (Daily Review, 14 May 2015)

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (Daily Review, 30 April 2015)

The Good Son (Daily Review, 13 April 2015)

Adelaide Festival of the Arts: The mind performs (RealTime, April/May 2015)

Reflections on Gallipoli (Australian Book Review, published April 2015)

The Importance of Being Miriam (Daily Review, 26 March 2015)

Adelaide Fringe Reviews: Fake It Till You Make It, Sex Idiot, Puddles Pity Party (Daily Review, 22 February 2015)

Adelaide Fringe Festival Review Wrap # 1 (Daily Review, 18 February 2015)

In-theatre, online, public, private (RealTime, February/March 2015)

In the Balance (RealTime, December 2014/January 2015)

Quiet faith in loud times (RealTime, December 2014/January 2015)

Othello (Daily Review, 19 November 2014)

Kryptonite (Australian Book Review, 28 October 2014)

Between Two Waves (Daily Review, 13 October 2014)

The Suit (Australian Book Review, 6 October 2014)

Culture’s haunted houses (RealTime, October/November 2014)

Micro/macro dances of light & matter (RealTime, August/September 2014)

Disability and its taboos (RealTime, August/September 2014)

Breakdown and repair (RealTime, August/September 2014)

Philip Glass Trilogy (Daily Review, 11 August 2014)

The Importance of Being Earnest (Daily Review, 30 July 2014)

Pecan Summer (Daily Review, 4 July 2014)

Social media demons (RealTime, June/July 2014)

Little Bird (artsHub, 11 June 2014)

The imagination writ large (RealTime, April/May 2014)

Adelaide uncompromisingly (RealTime, February/March 2014)

Sons & mothers, from two angles (RealTime, September 2013)

A painful proximity to truth (RealTime, September 2013)

A life too short, a momentary tragedy (RealTime online e-edition, September 2013)

The Body in the Shadow of the Past (RealTime, December 2012/January 2013)

Unsettling the Idea of Ideas: The Festival of Unpopular Culture (RealTime, December 2011/January 2012)

The Caretaker (dB Magazine, 21 March 2012)

Shakespeare’s Queens (dB Magazine, 7 March 2012)

Gypsy (dB Magazine, 14 December 2011)

121 (dB Magazine, 30 November 2011)

The Pillowman (dB Magazine, 19 October 2011)

In the Arms of a Lion, The John Lennon Play: In His Own Write, Oleanna, After the End, A Stretch of the Imagination (Fringe Benefits Online, Adelaide Fringe Festival, various dates 2009)


A bang-up job!: Regenesis by George Monbiot (Australian Book Review, November 2022, no. 448)

Seizing an opportunity: An Eye for Talent by John Clarke (Australian Book Review, November 2022, no. 448)

Highs and lows: This Is Your Mind on Plants by Michael Pollan (Australian Book Review, September 2021, no. 435)

12 rules to forget your troubles: Jordan Peterson’s Beyond Order (Overland, 7 June 2021)

‘The world is a dark poem’: Animal Dreams by David Brooks (Australian Book Review, June 2021, no. 432)

Chicken: A history from farmyard to factory by Paul R. Josephson (Australian Book Review, September 2020, no. 424)

The Animals in That Country by Laura Jean McKay (Australian Book Review, May 2020, no. 421)

How to deal with the logicbros: Ben Burgis’ Give Them an Argument (Overland, 22 July 2019)

Remembered Presences: Responses to theatre by Alison Croggon (Australian Book Review, May 2019, no. 411)

The prompt of the real (Sydney Review of Books, 14 February 2018)

‘Little scamps’: The Inner Life of Animals: Love, grief and compassion – surprising observations of a hidden world by Peter Wohlleben (Australian Book Review, December 2017, no. 397)

Philosophical polymath: Ethics in the Real World by Peter Singer (Australian Book Review, November 2016, no. 386)

Faustian pact: The Impulse Society by Paul Roberts (Australian Book Review, January–February 2015, no. 368)


These People (creative development) (RUMPUS Theatre, October 2022)

Below the Line (creative development) (Next Wave/Vitalstatistix, 2020)

Second Nature (1st stage creative development) (ActNow Theatre and Decorum Group, April-May 2019)

Emending (1st stage creative development) (Hopgood Theatre Youth Theatre Project/Squadron of Fools, July-September 2018)

DON’T READ THE COMMENTS (2nd stage creative development) (Vitalstatistix, Adhocracy, August-September 2017)

Child X (SAYarts, National Youth Week, March-April 2017)

DON’T READ THE COMMENTS (1st stage creative development) (You Wanna Bita This Now?, February 2017) 

Everybody Dies (SAYarts, Adelaide Fringe Festival, February 2016)

This Storm (The Un-Rest Cure, Adelaide Fringe Festival, February 2016)

The Dreamy House (excerpt) (National Play Festival, Adelaide, July 2015)

#nofilter (dramaturgy) (SAYarts, Adelaide, March 2015)

The Dreamy House (rehearsed reading) (five.point.one, Adelaide, January 2015)

Notoriously Yours (dramaturgy) (five.point.one/AJZ Productions, Adelaide, March 2014) 

The Lake (five.point.one, Adelaide, November 2013)

Dark Moon (rehearsed reading) (five.point.one, Adelaide, August 2013)

The Lake (rehearsed reading) (five.point.one, Adelaide, September 2012)

Small Government (Short + Sweet, Sydney, February 2012)

Wolves (Acorn Productions, Adelaide, October 2011)


On Cool (The Hearth, Adelaide, March 2018)

A-Day (The Hearth, Adelaide, November 2016)

All Flesh (read by Tamara Lee, Quart Shorts, Adelaide, July 2016)

Awake (read by Alex Williams, Little Fictions at Knox Street Bar, presented by Sydney Writers’ Festival, Sydney, May 2015)

On theatre, magic and faith (speech at Emerging Writers’ Festival Adelaide Roadshow, September 2014)

The Point and Click World (SA Writers’ Centre Quick ‘n’ Dirty Readings, Adelaide, February 2014)

On the Birth of the Zine (Animate Quarterly, La Boheme, Adelaide, July 2007)

A Street Desire Named Car (Animate Quarterly, La Boheme, Adelaide, November 2006)